Days 27-30 Today I Will (catching up from being gone)


With the holiday weekend and the Christian Music Broadcasting seminar last week, I decided to make one post for the days we missed.  I hope this is useful in some way.
Day 27 Today I will choose family activities wisely

It’s easy to get overcommitted! So, how do you handle family activities? What’s too much? Do you have limits? Most people think activities outside the home are good for kids. But have you ever thought about what all those activities really mean to your family’s schedule and to your time together?

Day 28 Today I will create a cell phone contract for my child

What do YOU think? Does your child have a cell phone? How young is too young? Do you have a contract for them?
We want your opinion! Cell phones. We love them, and we hate them. Don’t just “phone it in” when it comes to guiding and protecting your kids by setting limits on cell phone use.

Day 29 Today I will honor my children

Have you thought about honoring your family? What are some of the ways you would honor them? A busy man like Tony Dungy has learned how to get the most out of the time when he’s together with his family. One key is his willingness to do what his kids want to do – even when it’s not necessarily what he would choose.

Day 30 Today I will learn about debt and take steps to be debt free

Many American families find themselves in debt at some point, and it can certainly seem overwhelming. Start by learning how to tackle the problem more effectively with a debt roll-down method (.pdf).  If you’re debt‐free, how did you do it? How do you stay out of debt?



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