Day 32 Today I Will….. Keep the faith not just talk it.



God calls us to walk by faith, not talk by faith. Faith involves your feet. Your faith shows up in your actions. WE have to remember others see us, hear us and look to us.. What are they seeing in you?  So  many times I will hear someone say how they trust God , or how God is in control in one breath and in the next breath speak sickness, bad finances, curse their marriage, or kids..    It takes me to the scripture that says that light and dark can not be in the same place.   If we want our children to have a faith that influences the way they live their lives — and the critical life decisions they make — then in our homes we need to be modeling faith through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Faith for me is fun.  It takes me out of my box.  I used to NOT like to be out of my comfort zone.  But now I love stepping out.  I will admit that it might take me a few “discussions” with the Lord and a few extra prompts from him but I will always obey him.  Even when it seems useless, impossible and just CRAZY.  so today I am encouraging you to step out in faith!

family faith


defending the faith.. asking god questions


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