The workings and benefits of music and music-making.



We went Christmas Caroling last night to home of our elderly church members homes and visited some in nursing homes… What fun we had… The happiness seen in the people we visited made it worth freezing our tails off… lol

Music Therapy      …… Benefits of Caroling

Here’s a BBC article on the benefits of singing Christmas carols. There’s nothing new in it, but it’s a nice round up of the various ways singing is good for your overall health. Back 30 years ago you’d have only seen stuff like this in music therapy texts or in books in the back of theosophist book stores. The commonplace acceptance of the benefits of music making these days is very gratifying, and a sign of how much things have changed.

Here are a few snips from the article:

“As it’s an aerobic activity singing improves heart health with related benefits to overall health and is linked to longevity, stress reduction, and general health maintenance. Singing also brings a great amount of happiness. It is impossible to sing well with a long face because it affects your pitch. Keeping the positive momentum up is essential. If we smile as we sing then people soon feel the benefit in more ways than one. There is also the adrenalin kick brought on by a performance – a sensation familiar to both professional opera singers and even anyone brave enough to step up to the microphone to sing in front of their friends in the pub. . . .

 . . . the body is an integrated system, sometimes called the human body-mind, linking the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. The physical, mental and emotional – these three things are interwoven. Because music is multi-sited in the brain and we’re also involving ourselves in strong aerobic activity and singing is a form of exercise, it means there’s a release of what’s called the pleasure hormone. But when we sing we also see a measurable decrease in stress hormones like cortisol – a direct correlation in the physical endocrine system.” . . .
 . . . “It lifts us up on a spiritual level, it helps our self-esteem, and it’s great for all ages from toddlers to grannies – you can have a good sing and let your hair down.” . . .

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