Attitude is Everything




Have you heard the old saying you get what you give?  or you get what you pay for?  That goes for our attitudes also.  Just like this morning.  I have had a headache for 3 days not been feeling so well.  Due to only so many days off allowed each year i wasn’t wanting to call in and waste one of those days.  So i get up and pout around the house thinking about how horrible it will be to not being able to stay home and catch up on sleep and let my body rest.  We always have staff meetings on monday mornings … which i would choose to have on tuesdays if i , well during the staff meeting Wendy gave a devotion on our attitudes.  Just last week i made a promise to the Lord that I would not complain anymore!! I had to buy a collar for our new dog to keep her from barking.  One of the collars that sends a high pitched noise to her ears when she barks, not the shocking collar.  I was laying in bed the night i bought it and thought what if God had a collar for us … like a sin collar.. think about it each time we sinned it would shock us.. we would sure act better… i had been complaining a lot the last couple weeks.  and thought dear lord, what if my complaining sounds to you like our dog barking all night sounds.. it made my heart sad!! so when i start complaining and being negative i think you just woulda got shocked… I have been told i am a stubborn girl…so for me to get things it has to be illustrated to me in a way that my stubborn brain gets it!!  So today check your attitude.  No matter what is going on around you CHOOSE to be positive.  Yes your world may be crumbling, satan could be coming at you from all directions.. but be glad your alive.  be glad that god gave you breath this morning.


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