I love how much this says.  We live in our own little worlds thinking that living the lifestyles we live will not affect us in our walk with the Lord.  We put blinders on to the things the bible steers us away from, tells us clearly to do and not to do.  We go through life thinking that being a christian will be boring, staying in the wordly temptations from Satan.  Looking back on my life in those times i was doing all the wrong things knowing that i was not pleasing God, i would make excuses.  I would make promises that I would not do those things again when the quilt came.  Living weeks of the same bad decisions.  It was almost like .. i got away with it so i would keep doing it… God has a path for us and only has good plans for us we know this… but he also lets us choose our paths.  Patiently waiting for us to come back to him.  Back in the day i thought i was getting away with all my sin a wrong choices… Boy was i WRONG!!! I have been dealing with those consequences for years and see it passed down into my daughters…. But the more years i spend making Godly choices and showing my daughters the Godly way to live the better off we all are..and being a Christian is NOT boring at all!!


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