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This picture represents me today as the dog and the cat as the real life dog that decided to scare me enough to scream like a girl..

I love how the Lord uses everyday life experiences to teach me lessons. I have been running for over a year now and have never had a incident with a dog.  I have been running from the station to Clawson Assembly some days on my lunch break to help train for the 5k’s I am doing this year.  I have ran this road  plenty of times.  I was a little nervous about running on the highway.  But after trying I love it.  I have 4 different places I like to run now and it helps me from feeling like a hamster in a wheel by changing it up.  So I am running today to relieve stress … music up loud.  it’s on the way back so i am tired and zoning in on my each step to get closer to my goal.  I use my running/workout time as my quiet time with God.  I’m talking to him, listening to him.. just seriously zoning in on each step and all of the sudden something touches me on the back of my ankle and all in like a second I see this huge black dog at my feet!  I scream like a girl.( which I have never done) All in that second I see my life flash before my eyes.  He is not playing , I had the image of blood and my ankle being half missing.. then after getting over the shock of me screaming like a girl and that I am still in one piece.. i stomp and scream at him at the same time and he kinda backs away.. i choose to slowly walk in the direction that I was originally heading.. watching him, he is still barking but realized I was not longer scared of him.. he let me go when he realized that I wasn’t as scared of him as he wanted me to be.

As I finally start running again, after double checking that I was still in one piece I kinda had to laugh at the whole thing and keep going.  But as I ran back to the station .. It hit me.. that Satan is just like that nasty dog.  I was on the same path I had been so many times before and had never seen him there.  I was comfortable in my running path causing me to not be keeping an eye out for hazards.   ( i do watch the cars) Therefore it gave the dog the upper hand .. I never saw him or heard him until he was touching my heals.  Satan is the same way.  he will come at us when we are at our lowest or when we think we are the safest!!

I love how that God uses things like this to remind us and teach us.  I love that he loves me enough to speak to me each day about the issues I face and that I pray for others about.  So today be mindful of your surroundings.  Put your full armor of God on each night and each morning..


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  1. What a great illustration!!! ♥ Sometimes we are so close or use to the same ole same ole in our lives, we can’t see our own surroundings. Satan is real and wants us to FAIL! Even when we do, God is there to pick us up and forgive us, just for the asking.

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