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Let it go!!!







Sometimes when things and or people weigh you down you need to let it go.  Easier said than done I know.  When you see yourself struggling with anger, depression, guilt, shame, unforgiveness, addiction, desperation and you can see that you are not in God’s will with it in your life you need to let it go.  Today I was talking to a dear friend of mine and she simply said let it go.  Give it to the Lord.. watch it float up like a balloon… i thought wow.. i can do that. so as i took off running, music up loud that is exactly what i did.. Not only did he answer Mrs. B’s prayers for me of refilling my joy.. but i ran my fastest 3 miles ever.. and my fastest mile… so i am one happy girl now.. .If you don’t run you can still give your troubles to the lord.  He’s waiting to catch them.. Now… we all know that when we have kids and were carrying balloons and they get away from us our instinct is to run after them, chase them …. we will almost hurt ourselves to get them.. We can’t do that with these balloons.. so once you let them go, no climbing in the tree to save them and bring them back.. 🙂


your gifts big or small….


1 peter 4v10 gifts used




I spent last Thursday -Sunday working a women’s emmaus walk.  I was blessed to have a group of 9 awesome ladies to have serve with me in our servants room.  Through this experience I saw this process in place all for God’s glory.  Each one of us have different talents and gifts.  In life some of us choose to mumble and grumble our envy about others being better at other things than us, instead of using the talents that God gave us.  If we choose to focus on not being the one at the top of the project or event and stay envious of our lower duty we are wasting time when we could be serving the Lord in the best way we can.  So today dig deep find your talent, what you enjoy doing and find somewhere to do it serving other all for the glory of God.

No More Record Keeping


Scripture Reading: Luke 6:27-38

Love … keeps no record of wrongs.
—1 Corinthians 13:4-5

We often have to make a choice either to extend forgiveness to someone, or to hang on to and nurse a grievance. A friend we trust betrays us. A college roommate criticizes us publicly. A business colleague swindles us. Someone posts something on social media that isn’t true, but it goes viral and stains our reputation.

When wronged, we want justice. We want the perpetrator to feel our hurt, to know the pain they have caused. We want revenge.

Paul imagines an accountant recording items in a ledger, but he says love doesn’t do that. It doesn’t record wrongs done against us.

Have you ever listened to a person describe something done against them decades ago? They remember every ugly detail. Some of us have no statute of limitations. We review our ledger regularly, and we spoil our lives.

More than one person in history never forgot a slight against him. He might have appeared to bury the hatchet, but each time he marked the spot.

A pastor said, “Most of what I talk about with people in my church is learning to forgive.” Many of us have a bitterness we polish like a priceless antique. We cling to it like a child clutching a favorite, filthy rag of a blanket.

Love lets go.


Father, heal our old wounds. Give us the grace of for-giveness. End our record keeping. Through Jesus, who paid for all our wrongs, Amen.



I woke up this morning finding myself feeling overwhelmed.  On my drive to work I was praying and telling myself ok… you can do all of this stuff that is in your mind.  All the projects that I have to do in the next 3 months, i knew i had a bunch but yesterday they all landed in my brain at the same time…  So naturally and in my human mind I began to feel the stress.  But all that I am doing is the Lords work..that he has asked me to do, therefore why would I worry about it not getting done.  If he has brought me to it he will bring me through it..  I have a new motto with my running … NO EXCUSES! I run everyday possible.  Before I would run if i felt like it, or the weather was just right. now i run when i don’t feel good.  i run on the treadmill when the weather is bad.  I allow myself one day a week off from running (unless i have an ache or pain that I need to rest)  I have to keep this attitude in my christian life also.  I should act like Jesus no matter what! NO EXCUSES…

Paul was a man with a spirit that conquered.  Throughout his ministry, he faced countless obstacles but never gave up.  He pictured the christian life as a race, and we each need this same kind of spirit if we hope to finish well.

Courage: A conquering spirit is willing to risk failure.

Confidence:  We’re likely to stumble when we doubt our ability to do what God requires.

Commitment: The Lord Promises to guide us as we run the race , provide what ever is needed , and strengthen us along the way.

Persistance: The road were traveling is full of distractions, opposition, and obstacles that tempt us to give up..