I woke up this morning finding myself feeling overwhelmed.  On my drive to work I was praying and telling myself ok… you can do all of this stuff that is in your mind.  All the projects that I have to do in the next 3 months, i knew i had a bunch but yesterday they all landed in my brain at the same time…  So naturally and in my human mind I began to feel the stress.  But all that I am doing is the Lords work..that he has asked me to do, therefore why would I worry about it not getting done.  If he has brought me to it he will bring me through it..  I have a new motto with my running … NO EXCUSES! I run everyday possible.  Before I would run if i felt like it, or the weather was just right. now i run when i don’t feel good.  i run on the treadmill when the weather is bad.  I allow myself one day a week off from running (unless i have an ache or pain that I need to rest)  I have to keep this attitude in my christian life also.  I should act like Jesus no matter what! NO EXCUSES…

Paul was a man with a spirit that conquered.  Throughout his ministry, he faced countless obstacles but never gave up.  He pictured the christian life as a race, and we each need this same kind of spirit if we hope to finish well.

Courage: A conquering spirit is willing to risk failure.

Confidence:  We’re likely to stumble when we doubt our ability to do what God requires.

Commitment: The Lord Promises to guide us as we run the race , provide what ever is needed , and strengthen us along the way.

Persistance: The road were traveling is full of distractions, opposition, and obstacles that tempt us to give up..





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