Let it go!!!







Sometimes when things and or people weigh you down you need to let it go.  Easier said than done I know.  When you see yourself struggling with anger, depression, guilt, shame, unforgiveness, addiction, desperation and you can see that you are not in God’s will with it in your life you need to let it go.  Today I was talking to a dear friend of mine and she simply said let it go.  Give it to the Lord.. watch it float up like a balloon… i thought wow.. i can do that. so as i took off running, music up loud that is exactly what i did.. Not only did he answer Mrs. B’s prayers for me of refilling my joy.. but i ran my fastest 3 miles ever.. and my fastest mile… so i am one happy girl now.. .If you don’t run you can still give your troubles to the lord.  He’s waiting to catch them.. Now… we all know that when we have kids and were carrying balloons and they get away from us our instinct is to run after them, chase them …. we will almost hurt ourselves to get them.. We can’t do that with these balloons.. so once you let them go, no climbing in the tree to save them and bring them back.. 🙂


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