A Wife’s Roll In The Home by Jenn :)



A wife’s roll in the home…. hmmmmmm.. what a touchy subject… we as women don’t like to hear what the bible tells us about how we are to think, speak, act and treat our not so deserving husband.

from my own experience… i spent years and years and years praying that my husband would change his ways.. I would argue back.. cuss and kick and scream … you know that crazy circle.. seemed to never end.  then i started getting closer to the lord.. and those ways just seemed so wrong. and didnt feel right.. so i started asking god what i needed to do . .I didn’t want another divorce.. i was on marriage #2.. but knew something had to change.. I started listening to 91.9 KAVX and would hear tony evans talk about my role in the home and the marriage.. i would get angry and laugh at his words.  and talk back to the radio.. saying you want me to do what to this horrible husband?? but he did this and he did that .. i will not be nice to him after that.. i don’t have too… I would turn the radio off and the holly spirit would convict me to turn it back on.. so i did.. i would listen just because.. hearing the words, laughing and dis agreeing.. finally after years of listening and still on the crazy circle of arguing, threating divorce.. i started thinking something has to change.. and that change is me.. I realized that i can not control my husbands actions and that we he faces his judgement day he is responsible for his sins… and i am responsible for my own.. God wont say.. ok.. he was mean to you so your off the hook… he will judge us both accordingly.  I got to the point that i wanted to do EXACTLY what scripture called me to do in my behaviors.  A long and hard not fun journey.  The scriptures say no matter what people do to you you can not repay evil with evil.. (romans 12:17)  that you have to be nice back.  crazy huh??? yes. and very hard.. i would take days off from work no cell phone no tv and get in the word.. listening to joyce meyers teachings on anger, wifes rolls, tony evans and read scripture and would write it all in a notebook.. I would even write a letter to God about all of my heartaches, worries, fears, etc.  just to express the feelings that i couldn’t tell anyone felt so good.  sometimes we feel things and think things that are horrible about ourselves and other people, even the ones we love the most and the ones who vowed to love us and then treat us like dirt.  so i searched and searched the bible on how to be more like jesus as a christian, as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher.. and would write these scriptures down and refer back to them when i was dealing with an issue.  so often we spend so much time worrying about others that we tend to forget our own failures and satan will use that to keep you from changing.

I was also the one who thought i did not need changed.. i was ok the way i am.. boy was i WRONG… try it.. focus on yourself for a while and truly search god’s heart for you.. ask and seek he will show you.. i know others around you may be doing everything wrong.. but remember when you face god himself he wont refer to you about others sins.. he will look to you and confront you for yours… that is what i needed to get into my thick skull to make me want to change myself.. I long to hear those words well done thy good and faithful servant.   I hope and pray that my words help you to find the peace you so long for.  i love to talk about my past and how i overcame alot of things..please feel free to contact me for more talk and or prayer… remember this is a LONG HARD journey you are about to embark on and once you start satan will push every button you have…

❤ Jenn


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