A Heart Redeemed by God the Jennifer Polimino story (notes from a listener)


I had a listener listen to a audio segment on this story.. these are her notes on the Jennifer Polimino story…

            A Mother’s Heart Redeemed by God

Jennifer Polimino


Not one of us is beyond God’s reach.


There are no mistakes in your past big enough to put you out of God’s reach, whether it is emotional or physical abuse, mistakes in your youth, etc. Jennifer Polimino grew pregnant her freshman year of high school after being date raped by her boyfriend. She then had an abortion at 4.5 months pregnant.  She struggled with enormous guilt and even considered taking her own life.  She did not want to place any type of shame on her parents, or deal with the social ramifications and emotional consequences she was suffering from her own mistakes.  She continued on a self destructive path for many years.


She found herself looking for a man to fill the void in her life.  She ended up in an abusive marriage until it ended in divorce.  For a very long time she did not have a healthy relationship with a man.  After going through fitness competitions and working at a gentleman’s club she feels God brought her husband into her life when she couldn’t take much more.


She started going back to church with her now husband when they started dating and at first she spent the whole time at church crying. She had to grieve the baby she had aborted, and all the mistakes she had made, including deal with all the guilt she felt for her decisions.  She says she is only here today by God’s Grace.


After she had the abortion she felt as if she was not worthy and did not deserve to have children. When she and her husband, Dan, married he wanted children and she was dealing with all these past issues.  They were both serious about their marriage and went to counseling together and separately to deal with all their past baggage.  They took their marriage seriously though and eventually got to a point where it wasn’t about their pasts.


She also dealt with body issues and fears of what being pregnant would do to her body.  She now realizes that being pregnant is the most beautiful thing and a gift from God.  She says that if you exercise and eat healthy you will be fine, it will be different, but will be just fine.  She was afraid she would not be a good mom as well, despite having a good example.  She stayed up to date on how her baby was developing, and she prayed for each development in her child.  There were times though that she felt overwhelmed by the fear and doubts.  1 Peter 5:7 says to cast all your care upon Him because He cares about you.  She prayed this and gave it all to Him and asked for him to calm her fears.  The peace He can give surpasses all your understanding that you definitely need. Scripture says He is close to the brokenhearted and saves those crushed in spirit.


God buries all our sins in the deepest part of the ocean.

Here is the link to the audio segment.   What an awesome testimony…






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