Understanding Your Role …… (whatever you do)




We all have role’s or a role that we have people watching us or looking up to us.  When it comes to understanding it or them we should always refer to the bible on each role.  The bible has so many scriptures and stories of how to work, act, treat, people and talk, think and live everyday.  I can not express enough that a main ingredient of being successful in whatever and all that you do is to lead by example.

We have all been under or are under the authority of someone who was very difficult to work with, live with and be around, because of their do as I say not as I do attitude.  We have to remember Colssians 3:23 And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men..  This can be VERY hard to do in a marriage to a husband or wife that is not treating the other with love and respect.  Or in a workplace with a “turd” for a boss. But as a Christian we must do this.  God see’s our heart and our pain as we go through this.  and his promises are true.. his rewards are their for you.  it is so very hard to follow some of the instructions in the bible esp when it comes to going against our carnal thinking.. and the present situation that we are in.

from my own experience.. in my role as a mom i wasn’t always the best example.  as a matter of fact I was a horrible example.  One of the changes in my life that i am most proud of is living like i want my girls to live now.  I can actually speak to my girls knowing that i can stand behind my words to them.  yes they know the truth about my past.. and we speak of it when we need to.  In marriage counseling years ago, i was told… is it the past?  tell the truth .. deal with it and move on…. I was like wow.. that seems easy… telling the wrong choices you made to your kids is not easy but once i did and we dealt with it .. it was behind us.. your past is the past.. you can’t go over it , cant go around it cant go under it you gotta go through it..

from my own experience as a worker, i had to really work hard to get to the point that i didn’t see the worldly things going on around me at my job.  i had to know that i was called to to this and do it to the best of my ability and just because my paychecks aren’t signed God… i was still working for him.  Oh and that i would be held accountable for my actions in my home and my workplace.. not for my spouses actions or my bosses actions but for mine..

Prioritizing your life helps.. make a list of all that needs to be done that day or a week… start with the most important and start there… Please don’t forget to spend time with your kids… and or your husband or wife.. leave the dishes in the sink and the clothes in the dryer.. leave work early and surprise them with a date… wife, kids,… whoever is needing your attention …

Whatever your role is the bible has a map for you to follow to be the best you can be.  that is my advice from experience on understanding your role.

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