Raising Tween Boys ( notes from a listener)








Focus on the Family with guest author Danna Gresh. Author of ” 6 Ways to keep the “good” in your boy guiding your son from his tween to his teens”

Boys need to run around and get scratched up like boys do

Playing outside is like a blank canvas of decision making

God created them to be wild and leaders. And we can’t kill that passion in them.

Grace and forgiveness, not just discipline

Be intentional, set boundaries that will carry them when their brains kick in and self-control is fully formed.

Set boundaries before something bad happens.

Too much gaming affects him academically. Limit gaming

Give him a book. READERS ARE LEADERS

Let them go play on the playing field of life, make a few mistakes, and learn the consequences of the hard pavement of life

Let them go outside to play, it’s not our job to keep them neat and clean.

For single moms, you’ll need the wisdom to “plant” good men in son’s life. Give that person permission to speak into his life.

Ask son, have you had God time? Time with Dad, Mom & siblings?

Moms, your sons will survive, and so will you!


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