The Power of a Mothers Prayer (jenn’s notes)


I know from my own mothers prayers that God does hear the cry of a mothers broken heart.  There were so many times that her prayers kept me alive, safe and able to live to come to live for the Lord.  Did her prayers keep me out of trouble?  did her prayers keep me from making bad choices?  no.. but they kept me able to live long enough to be able to go through all the consequneces from my actions and be able to finally make better choices.  Now that I am a mom I understand more how my mother felt through my rebellious years.  I know just how many hours she spent praying for me.  I used to think maybe she didn’t care but in reality she had just given me to the Lord.  After a certain age, after we have taught our kids right from wrong we have to let them grow up and eventually be on their own.  We are so caught up in the everyday situations we forget to pray for our kids future.  We can pray from the day they are born for them to find a godly spouse, we can pray for their choices, the friends they choose etc.

Letting them go is the hardest thing ever… but If you have trusted them to the Lord, parenting when needed, not enabling them trust the lord that he has them.  If they like me stumble in their lives ask a friend or friends to join you in prayer.  Hate the sin but love the sinner.. When we are young, we see all the shinny things in the world.  We tend to go towards the shinny things, and those shinny things keep us from God.  When we pray it releases the holly spirit on our needs.  on the needs of our children.. No matter how far away from the lord they get DO NOT stop praying for them.  God is working out his divine plan for your child or children.  As hard as it is we need to remember to Hate the sin not the sinner…

Here it the link to the audio on the Power of a mothers prayer.{D067715C-566B-4CFF-8CA0-8CC5D494189D}

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