Young Unwed Mothers


I am truly aware that this is a touchy subject.  I am not by any means condoning this but it is a reality and is dealt with on a daily basis.  I found out i was pregnant at 19 and 20 when my oldest daughter was born. I was not married…. so this subject is close to my heart.  I wanted to have lots of Christian information and links to share to help young moms and parents and friends of these young moms.  i love the words of the link below.

It can be tempting to yell, to alienate her. To kick her out of the house, tell her to go live with her boyfriend, and to accuse her of disappointing God and not living the way you raised her. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is simply love her, even though you may disagree with what she’s done. While love, God’s greatest command, is easy to talk about, it’s often difficult to demonstrate.

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you condone what your daughter has done, but it does mean she may experience Christ’s faithfulness and forgiveness through you.

those are just a few words from the link…

Coming from my own experience i am thankful for the love and support of my parents and family.  There is no telling where i would be without it.  Abortion was never a thought in my mind, or my parents.   I knew i had made a choice and of the consequences that were to follow… I am thankful for my oldest daughter, was i ready to be a mom..NO.. but i had no choice.  Now that i am a mother of two daughters i am thankful that we are at a place in our lives where we can talk to each other.. there was a time where i had to allow one of them to talk to my sister about certain things that she was not comfortable talking to me about.  I was glad it was her aunt.. she would only get christian information.  Family support is such a great thing to have.. we have to look past our differences and our beliefs and simply love.  We don’t have to love the sin but we are commanded to love the sinner!! ouch.. powerful…..


if you are in this situation , a young teen pregnant or family of a young teen in this situation and you need more information.. Christian information.. we are so very blessed to have the Pregnancy Help Center Of Lufkin,  They are there to help you through this journey.


  • (936) 632-9292
106 S Bynum St, Lufkin, TX 75904

Cross Streets: Between Kiln St and Ellis Ave/N Bynum St


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