Being Intentional



Our topic for the day is being intentional in life. Being intentional in the lives of our kids, our lives and the lives of people around us.  I finally stopped by a nursing home today.. I was intentional in going to bless a lady by visiting her today.. i had put it off long enough.  I just walked in to the front desk and said i would like to visit a lady that you think would love a visit from a stranger today… They sent me to Mrs. Mary’s room.. it was awkward at first but she invited me into her room. I had taken In Touch magazines by Charles Stanley to give her once she seen them and we laughed because she already receives them…  I immediately noticed the ciuro cabinet filled with nick nacks and pictures from her life.. I had to hold back the tears.  She invited me to sit on the couch and we hit it off like we had known each other for years.  once we realized we could freely share our faith it was easy to talk to each other.  She has been a widow since 84, has a great church family that supports her and picks her up for church.  She lost her son to a car wreck some years back, has grandchildren that she prays for and loves to read her bible.  She visits another lady in the nursing facility and she reads a scripture a day to her.  She prays for the other ladys and invites them to church.  She reminded me of my mother.  She sits back quietly and notices everything around her, praying for all she see’s that might not be living for the lord.  Her spirit was so sweet.  God knew exactly who i needed to visit… her little apartment/room was cozy and full of memories.  she shared so many with me.  I pray that i am able to return on a regular basis and give her more joy in her stay here on this earth.  i believe God took  me being intentional in taking the time to bless someone else and let her bless me also.. I want to be happy and peaceful just like Mrs. Mary when i am almost 90.  Her love for the Lord was a blessing too.  She testified to his faithfulness and blessings through out her whole life.  Her parents were great parents.  I loved hearing the stories of how life was so simple back when she was little.  Being intentional back then was so much eaiser.  these days being intentional in the lives of our kids is usually a struggle.  we want the safe and happy but when we intentionally steer them in the right direction its an argument. Take time today to see how intentional you were and think of how you can make that better tomorrow.

If your are not a parent then you can still be intentional in all that you do so that others around you see and learn from your example.

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