A Wife’s Role In The Home parts 1 & 2 continued by jenn…


Talking about this subject is a hard one if Jesus is not the center of your life, your marriage, your job, your everything.  Before i submitted totally to god the word submission gave me the hiby-jeebies… and quickly angered me… the thought of submitting to things i wasn’t in control of… NO WAY NO HOW… once i felt the tugging from god at my heart on this subject i knew i had to do something.. that is when i started reading the bible.. i still wasnt able to understand it all at that time so i listened to a lot of teachings and talk on KAVX 91.9.  not all necessarily about marriage just about the godly life.. being a christian, what it meant to be a christian.. I would argue back with the speaker in my head when i didn’t agree to what they were telling me i would have to to or change.. remember i am a arguer… i question everything.. but once the speaker would speak a scripture backing his words up there was no argument anymore.. if it is in the bible it is just that.. is our life just like the bible times no.. are our husbands treating us like the bible says they should no… does that give us an excuse to be ugly ? NO… Once i got so tired of the arguing and the crazy circle lifestyle and heeded to god’s tug at my heart i desired a change.. now i know what you are thinking.. your husband or wife has to change… then you will change… NOPE>.. that is not how it works.. the change has to start within you.. then the rest should fall into place sooner or later… it is easy NO.. is it fun NOOO>. welll after a while it does get fun.. i don’t mean this in a nanny nanny boo boo way.. but once i was able to do what the bible said in any situation.. i was able to keep calm.. not fight and argue holler and cuss back.. once i saw that keeping calm was better for me , for my kids and keep me in right standing with god.. not to mention the guilt it puts on the other person for their own actions it did get easier and almost fun.. i saw myself changing for the good.. i saw myself putting god before me.. i was finally dying to self in a situation that i thought was never going to change… you can do it.. there are so  many scriptures and teaching and talks by acredible christian teachers that speak the truth and give you the encouragment you need.. i know i don’t spell things right and proper pronunciation in my blog but i love being able to share my testimony, heartache and victories with you.. i hope and pray that this helps at least one person… i am always willing to talk to anyone too.. pray with and for you … this is not an easy topic… JENN>> 🙂


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