Mommy Stress


mommy stress




Mommy Stress: Finding Peace in Your Parenting Journey

Lysa TerKeurst

one of our listeners listened to this teaching by Lysa and these are her notes..


70% of mothers admit to struggling with motherhood and the other 30% aren’t telling the truth.  It is the toughest job you will ever love.  Moms have the thought that they are messing up their kids.  Personal struggles that you have in parenting (eg: losing temper, not being consistent, etc.) bring them to God.


-Let the consequences scream so I don’t have to (sounds great in theory).


Best advice when you mess up: Ask God for forgiveness, apologize, and move on!


You might have had a bad moment, but you’re NOT a bad mom!


“Sometimes we moms build the stability of our identity on the fragile choices of our children.” – Lysa TerKeurst

Have to realize that the mistakes/choices our children make are not tied to their or our identity.  When our child makes the fragile choice that turns into a mistake does not mean we are a bad mom.  We as moms wrap so much of our identity up in our children.


How our husbands can help us be better moms:

1) Give your wife the freedom to not just be a mom, but to be the woman that God created them to be. She is so much more than a mom.

2) Tell her she is beautiful and doing a great job! Love on her like crazy!!!


We all have gaps and imperfections in our lives and sometimes we just focus on the gap.  Don’t focus on the 1 out of a 100 things that you have done wrong or label yourself for your mistakes.  When we do have those BIG gaps that we can’t do anything about (like being a single mom and trying to be a mom and dad, or suffering from depression) we have to not see it as a label.  Depending on the severity of the gap seek help, pray that God can help to fill in the gap for us daily.


Moms worry.  Know that God loves our children more than we love our children and He will take care of them.  Psalm 139 we are told that every day was written in a book of life and He knows the number of days assigned to each of our children and our worrying cannot change the quantity, but our worrying can change the quality.  So knowing this we should release our children into Gods hands.


Let God whisper into your heart and ask us to be courageous enough to let Him write our children’s destiny and testimony.  We as moms want to write this, but it is not up to us.






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