The Power of Prayer



When it comes to prayer I can say first hand that i know it works.  I have lived on both sides of the fence when it comes to this subject.  I grew up in church and knew the lord growing up.. at least i thought i did.  Once i got into i think 10th grade i took a ride on the wild side and always felt God behind me and he was always on my mind while i was doing things i shouldn’t.  I know now that it was my mother’s prayers that kept that covering over me.  Did she spend many nights wondering where i was, if i would make it home alive, YES.. many nights on her knees asking God to keep me protected.  Was it as fun for her as it was for me? no.. LOL i used to wonder why she didn’t say more to me about my decisions.  But now that i am a mother of a 21 & 18 yr old, i now know that she was talking to God.  She was telling him everything and letting me deal with my consequences.  I am grateful for that .. i learned a lot the hard way.   I am a LITTLE stubborn and at a certain point in your child’s life you have to turn them over to the Lord.  like never before… Like REALLY never before…

We as parents want to write our children’s destiny.. but we have to get the strength and faith to give them to God and let him right their destiny and testimony.

My oldest daughter (21)and her husband (23) just moved to Austrailia… so this is a fresh subject for me… It’s the hardest thing, knowing that i can’t just drive to check on them.. and be there for them…

Something that helped me is the story of Joseph.  He was thrown in a pit, sold etc… many years of hard lessons and bad things happen to him.. but God had a plan.. and used it all for his glory.  Joseph had the heart to sustain it all.  When i worry about my daughters and son in laws i have to remember that story… they are writing their testimony every day… and i look back at my past and see just how God can use even someone like me after all that I did… my kids will be just fine.. Will we go through hard times? will i loose sleep worrying about them? YES.. will we cry together? yes Will we get upset at each other?yes.. Is god protecting, talking and guiding them yes?  are they following him ??? that’s where our faith comes in… Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. we see the things our kids are doing that show they are leaning away from god.. but my faith has to see them years from now serving God in every way they can… if i choose to dwell in the now.. the earthly stuff. i will let satan steal my happiness… FAITH..

Speaking of a mothers prayers and the power of prayer… My husband grew up in a very loving christian home.. but found himself in the heavy metal music and sitting in a pentagram in the middle of his room telling satan that he could have him if he would just take away the pain… room decorated with all kinds of satanic stuff…  but little did he know at the time .. his precious mother was on the other side of the door praying over him with her hand on the door… He is a awesome man of God and a youth pastor…. so don’t give up when it comes to your prayers…..

oh yeah.. and the sooner you start praying for your children and or situation the better.. i didn’t realize that i should have been praying for my daughters future husbands while they were in diapers… and their jobs, friends, schools. etc… there is life or death in the tongue… 🙂  It was when i almost really really lost it with my teenage daughters that i realized… pray better things into her life.. after starting this she met a very sweet young man… which is now her husband… 🙂 it worked… i tell him all the time .. i prayed you into this…LOL

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