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Men, What kind of Bird are you?






Men.. what kind of bird are you? Canaries sit around singing (talking) all day about what they’re fixing to do but the truth is they usually don’t do anything to fix it, they will just stay in the same cage they have always been in. Buzzards sit around squaking (complaining) all day. Nothing is ever right, and they’re simply feasting off the hard work of others. Peacocks just wanna look good, it’s all about them. Even if their strutting around makes others look bad they don’t care because they are ego-maniacs. Eagles, you can’t cage them, they soar above the rest, they’re not influenced by the world, they don’t strut around trying to impress others by fluffing feathers. They know who they are and if they don’t, soon wil. They lead by example to ALL others. What kind of bird are you? for more info on this topic and more go to and request it.. ~~Jenn ( good stuff right here)