some of you might remember Chonda Pierce the christian comedian that came to Harmony Hill Baptist church a while back.. i had been reading shared posts and praying for her and her husband.  But today I read this and it really stopped me in my tracks.  For a lady who brings the world laughter.. Laughter without profanity and vulgurness.. Why would God allow her to go through so much pain..?? tomorrow is not promised.  Chonda is a tough woman of God but i can’t imagine the things going on in her head and heart.  Please join me in prayer for her..
David has been on the brink most all night. What started as a rush to ER a few days ago with severe back pain has resulted in heart attack, blood clots, ventilators, tubes and bells and whistles to keep him alive. Yet, at this very moment he rest peacefully sedated and I hold his hand wondering what he feels, hears…is he dreaming? We’re going to get an RV and travel the country, or build a boat. There’s an orchard to watch grow, fish to catch and stories still left to tell. I whisper, “I love you. Don’t you leave me.” while doctors and nurses scurry about…”please stay with me. The kids are here. We’re going to meet our grand kids in just a few days.” (Oh God, if you’re waiting for just the right time to reveal your Glory – I’m thinking this would be a great time as any!) The nurse just said that several of the Drs will be in very shortly because we have a tough discussion to have. What?Just yesterday it was deciding if we could afford Kraft Mac and Cheese or stick with Cost-Cutters brand. Just yesterday we were contemplating braces for Chera or letting Zach play soccer. Just the other day we were flirting at the lockers in the hall between History and Speech class. We used to chuckle at the funny questions: paper or plastic? Two-ply or quilted? Lately, I thought our toughest heaviest decisions we would ever have to make was about rehab, depression medication or separation. It seems the decisions and discussions really can get worse. One thing I know – in all my discussions I have never, ever ever had to “decide” if I love him or not. He’s been my best friend since I was 17 years old. I have loved my partner, my lover, my beloved husband for a very long time. And I plan to love him best for many years to come. Please continue to pray for David.
Chonda Pierce's photo.
Chonda Pierce's photo.
Chonda Pierce's photo.

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