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Christian Themed Movies Coming Your Way…


I love new movies that come out that have a Christian Theme.  Movies without all the “junk”.  I am not saying these movies are 100% pure or that there isn’t something offensive by posting them here on my blog.  I am posting them for you to research the trailers to see if they are movies you would want to watch.  I only found one of them on so please watch and research them for yourself before going and watching.  I think we should support movies that are made with less junk.

When The Game Stands Tall movie trailer :

Just watching the trailer I am in tears and have chill bumps… Can’t wait to see it.

plugged in movie review..


Left Behind movie trailer starring Nicholas Cage.. LOOKS GREAT!!


Home Run movie trailer.  This one deals with overcoming addictions.





The Song Movie Trailer :  Inspired by the life of Solomon


The Identical Movie Trailer


This on is called The Remaining.  If you know revelation and can determine the right from wrong according to the scriptures I think this one would be an interesting watch.  I see this one being like Noah..  a lot of scripture questioning  to make you stop and think… and possibly looking into the bible to find out more of the truth…so please judge for yourself before you go see.