God Has a Plan For You !


What an amazing story!  I was reading all the comments under the news stories online and just had to chuckle a little bit.  I know my God and i know his power.  I showed my children’s church class these pictures and read the the story and reminded them that God has a plan for their life.  I told them how this picture made me think of baby Moses in a basket.  God had a plan for Moses and protected him through many obstacles.  This young man has a plan and a purpose in life.  We were all put on this earth to share the good news of Jesus’s love.  I also believe that we all have talents and abilities that we can all use for the Lord’s work.  So what are your talents?  What do you love to do?  are you doing those things for the Lord?

In his interview Kaleb said he is glad he is still alive now he has to find out why!  He also said he prayed through the whole time the wrecks were happening.   I have a feeling he might be ready to listen to God on his purpose in life.  Are you?  Don’t wait for a “wreck” to be ready to listen.

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