You Never Know


A conversation with a stranger that lasted less than five minutes was the highlight of my week. I was returning a rental car and the sales guy noticed I’d preset the station to a Christian radio station. “My mom listens to that one,” he said.

This 20-something guy then proceeded to open up a bit about how he’d grown up in a faith-filled home, but once college came around, he’d opted more for late Saturday nights with friends than early Sunday mornings at church.

“I guess I just kinda fell away,” he continued. He looked at the ground as he talked, probably waiting for me to offer a cliche or some advice, but instead I said: “You know, that’s my story, too.” He looked up.

I proceeded to share the two-minute version of how my knees hit the dormroom floor around age 22 and I prayed through tears “Lord, I want to come back to You!” and searched out the Christian music helped me reconnect. That was the end of our conversation because another customer was waiting. As I drove away, I thanked God for that five minutes.

Be reminded today: There is always time to share your faith journey. Someone else might say: “Me too.”

Posted on 1/28/2015 10:00:00 AM by Sarah Taylor


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